Corporate services

Our most attractive service for companies is to open up a corporate account in our OmaKuljettaja service. Once the account has been established you are ready to enjoy the automated logistics and accounting. It only takes a few moments to get started!

OmaKuljettaja - The Process

Register or Order

You can request an initial account from our customer service or simply test our service once. This will create an account for you which you can upgrade to a corporate account from your own page.

Upgrade to corporate account

Login to your OmaKuljettaja account. Open the menu and select "Switch to corporate account".

Add accounts

You may now add accounts from the Accounts tab. Everyone you add will have access to transportation services.

You are ready

Your colleagues may now use and enjoy our services under your supervision. Booking history will show you live status of used and ordered services. Everything is billed automatically and you will receive monthly report for accounting.

Concierge services

We have a long history of providing service packages tailored for our clients. Here are some examples what we have provided. Whatever you need, we will deliver.

  • Personal security for your visit
  • Meeting transportation management
  • Destination management for bigger groups
  • Roadshow, Car and Driver as your personal assistant for several days
  • Charter services